Saucier Photography


Learn how to bring more than just your eyes, mind and gear into your photography. Saucier Photography teaches how to  bring your heart to your craft as well. Janet Garrity Saucier and Les Saucier specialize in photography workshops that go beyond f-stops and shutter speeds. In the classroom and in the field, we demonstrate the skills that help you grow as a visual artist, skills that can translate your unique way of seeing the world into images that have heart, express heart, and connect with the viewer’s heart. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, all you need to bring is your DSLR or mirrorless gear and a desire to become a better photographer.

Janet and Les have joined together as Saucier Photography to create and inspire photography with exactly that, heart. As a team, they teach workshops and lead photo tours, as Les has done for over thirty years, expanding the subject matter and the locations to reach out to more people who want to learn photography with heart.