Brevard, North Carolina


Don’t be deceived by the easy pace and iconic small town America ambiance of Transylvania County’s charming, historic county seat. There is probably something awesome going on right now in downtown Brevard. It might be as simple as a new exhibit at one of its many small galleries, a beer tasting at a local pub or a truly spectacular day-capping combo of toy shop visit and chocolate milkshake. Or it could be live music (which occurs with near-daily frequency in the warmer months) a bike or running race or one of Brevard’s many beloved, family-friendly street festivals.

A short list of things to do in Downtown Brevard might not stretch all the way down Main Street, but it would certainly wander through the one-of-a-kind inventories of local boutiques, grab a delicious meal or three at a wide variety of mouth-watering local eateries (of both casual and upscale orientations), drop by for a little bluegrass on the front porch of the Silvermont Mansion, get a tip or two about a mostly secret swimming hole from a chatty local and end up on a romantic, moonlit stroll past the courthouse gazebo.

Downtown Brevard offers fine, relaxed accompaniment to wilderness exploration and a whole new sort of adventure for any and all inclined to follow their senses through one of America’s Coolest Small Towns.

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