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“I have over 20 acres of these here old, rusty cars and you can photograph them, but I don’t know why you would” says the junkyard owner.  “Take all the time you need and call me when you’re finished” he says as I grab my camera gear, pull on my hiking boots and set off to see what treasures I can find.  What is so intriguing about an old car, rusting away covered with briars and brambles?  Is it the sleek lines, the pitted hood ornament, or remnants of a rumble seat?  Or is it the people and stories behind their beloved automobile?  I believe it’s all of this and more.

Barbara is an award-winning photographer and published writer with over 40 years behind the camera.  Her favorite subjects to photograph are Classic Cars, Junkyard Cars and Trucks, old buildings and Mother Nature.  Each image is processed to enhance the soul or story behind it; as there is always a story to tell.  Barbara’s first solo exhibit, “Dusty Roads,” was a culmination of two years of being “on the road” searching for old, rusty cars, trucks and tractors. This exhibit was on display at the North Carolina Arboretum during the summer of 2012 and later at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in 2013.

Barbara’s photography has been accepted into numerous juried exhibitions, including “ROAD” which was curated by William H. Hunt, a collector from New York.  Her latest project, “Fly Over,” is a collection of World War II Warbirds and Crop Dusters which were featured in an exhibit at the Asheville Regional Airport during the summer of 2013.

She is a member of PSA (Photographic Society of America) where she holds the position of Co-Chair of Who’s Who in Photography and is also a member of CNPA (Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association) where she is a Board member and Co-Chair of the Major Events Committee. She is also a member of several arts councils in Western North Carolina, NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and the ISAP (International Society for Aviation Photography.)

Barbara also donates her work to several non-profit organizations in the Asheville community to assist in their annual fund raising efforts. She currently resides in Candler, North Carolina and is a former professional chef, graphic designer, marketing professional and master gardener.  Her other interests are web design, gardening, bookbinding, drawing, painting, beading, music, reading and cooking.

"Today when I set off with my camera on another road trip, my sister is the primary driver and our mother, at the young age of ninety-four, is the look-out.  I am in the back seat poised to say, 'Stop, turn around and go back, I think I saw something over there in the field.'  It may not be anything, but it may be that 'diamond in the rough.'  What really matters is that I am capturing a moment in time, not only with my camera, but with my heart and soul and my family."



Candler, North Carolina 28715

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