Blue Ridge Mountains Photo-of-the-Week

"Wishing Leaf" Photo-of-the-Week

The first image in Blue Ridge Travel Guide’s 2017 Photo-of-the-Week is “Wishing Leaf” by fine-art photographer Dennis Sabo.

While in Georgia on a photo safaris with friends, Dennis came upon a “wondrous valley at sunrise.” Unfortunately his tour guide gave the group some wrong information and the sun was directly in front of them.

Dennis tells us that whenever he’s outside in nature’s wonderful environment he always tries to  make photographic keepsakes out of bad situations. While his friends were whining about the conditions, he continued to scour the immediate environment for a good shot. Behind him (away from the sun) he saw a cliff side streaming with water and one minuscule leaf (about the size of a thumbnail) clinging to the cliff side. Between the colors and aging of the leaf, and the cobalt blue of the cliff wall, Dennis captured a great shot.

Dennis Sabo 1-on-1 Photo ClassesThat’s what makes him a professional fine-art photographer. And as a professional, Dennis also offers personalized one-on-one private photo and camera instruction for residents in the Tellico, Tenn., area. If it’s been a while since you used your camera, or if you got a new camera and need to get up to speed quickly, or you have the camera figured out but want your photographs to pop with color and don’t know how to use popular post-production programs like Adobe Lightroom, Dennis can help. His personalized, one-on-one photography instruction is designed to suit your needs and schedule.  From beginner to experienced, from a Powershot to a Digital SLR camera, and from camera buttons to post production in Lightroom or Photoshop, he’ll help you get the pictures you want.

Dennis has over 20 years of contributing photo experience to a variety of magazines, newspapers and publishers, including Blue Planet, Canon USA, Florida Today, National Geographic, NASA, NOVA, and more.

Call Dennis at 865-253-0798, or visit his website and Facebook page for the personalized one-on-one Camera instruction you need.

Note: We’re re-introducing the Blue Ridge Travel Guide “Photo of the Week.” If you’ve captured a fun or beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain experience with your camera we’d love to see and share it on Did you fly high above the mountains on a hot air balloon ride? Careen through the mountains on a zip line? Take a whitewater raft trip or tube down a a beautiful river? Hike to an awesome waterfall? Watch a gorgeous mountain sunrise or sunset? Send it to us using our Photo-of-the-Week submission form so we can evaluate it. We’ll post the best ones we receive each week on our website and Facebook page, along with your brief description.

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