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Looking Glass Falls, Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

04 September, 2010

Last night I purchased Kevin Adam's book, North Carolina Waterfalls - A Hiking and Photography Guide. When I got home I skimmed through it to find some nice waterfalls t... (more)

New Burntshirt Vineyards in Hendersonville, NC

03 December, 2012

Our neighbor enjoyed her recent visit to the new Burntshirt Vineyards in Hendersonville, NC. Of course the views from the 3,400-ft. elevation were stunning... ... (more)

"Bring Us Your Best" Art Exhibit, Flat Rock, NC

30 August, 2011

The Arts Council of Henderson County is presenting its eighth annual "Bring Us Your Best" art exhibition at the Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock, North Carolina.... (more)

Asheville's Biltmore Park Offers Lots of Choices

14 September, 2010

We visited Biltmore Park Town Square the other day -- a great place to go when it's raining outside, or y... (more)

Free Watermelon at WNC Farmers Market

22 July, 2012

What perfect timing! I didn't know it was Watermelon Day last Friday when I met a friend at the WNC Farmers Market in Asheville. Farmers were giving free samples of the sweetest watermelon I... (more)

WNC Farmers Market, Asheville, North Carolina

22 July, 2012

There's only one way to describe the WNC Farmers Market on the west side of Asheville: BIG. It sits on 36 acres with multiple buildings, including a nursery center packed with plants, trees, sh... (more)

Rabbit & Company Kitchen Wares and Fine Wines

15 September, 2011

We stumbled onto a little gold mine -- Rabbit and Company -- on Fourth Avenue East in Hendersonville, NC. We were leaving Mean Mr. Mustard's Cafe when we looked across the street, saw the Rabbi... (more)