Solo Backpacking Tips

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11 May, 2021 By Ella Woodward

If you’ve never travelled alone before, be it backpacking or not, it can be an anxious feeling beforehand. Luckily, once you jet off, the feeling will pass and you will only be focuses on the amazing trip you’re having. Here are some tips.

Plan Ahead

As you will be the only person travelling on your trip, it’ll be easier to plan everything, as it’s only you that you have to convince. Consider how much time you have to plan, and how much time you wish to travel.

The logistics and local transport can be complicated, so planning ahead to get tickets will save you time. Likewise, it will help to know your budget for pre-travel and whilst there. If you can afford to pay tickets now, will you still have enough spending money once there?

Pick The Right Destination

Deciding where you want to travel to is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make. Truthfully, there is no right decision, it’ll depend on your own personal interests, finances and experience.

With that said, there is some beautiful locations out there to explore that you may not have considered. Such as the harbours of Vancouver in Canada, or the old town of Prague, in the Czech Republic.

There are a number of different destinations to consider, there will most likely be somewhere in the back of your head that you’ve always thought was a pipe dream. Now, you can make it a reality.

How To Stay Safe

Whether you’re travelling abroad, or exploring domestically, it’s important to consider how you will stay safe when out alone. You may feel more confident in your own country travelling, but you still will be going somewhere new. The bottom line is, you should research routes and locations where possible.

If you haven’t already, you should absolutely consider getting some travel insurance. Sometimes, there are things that we have no control over, such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, Staysure offer travel insurance that will cover any COVID-19 related issues, such as cancellations and hospital trips, with no upper age limit. You can give them a call for free to find out how they can cover you.

Backpack Essentials

Depending on the length of your travel, you may be taking a lot with you on your travels. If that’s the case, then pack carefully. For backpacks, it’s considered best to roll your clothes to be stuffed into your pack, in order to suit the shape of the pack, and get the most out of the available space.

Keep the weight against your back, for balance reasons. If you have any heavy items such as a laptop, then rest it against your back, rather than away from it.

Of course, you’ll need to pack the basics, such as clothing, passports, paperwork, medical supplies, cleanliness and the like. But as a solo backpacker, you’ll need to think differently. Consider carrying a small alarm, there are SOS alarms available these days that you can stow somewhere close to you and activate if in trouble.

A portable charger is heavily recommended for solo travellers, as you don’t want to be without a working phone or electronic when out alone.

Choosing The Right Backpack

Seasoned backpackers will likely have a range of different backpacks to choose from. If you’ve never backpacked before, solo or in a group, then you may not know where to start.

Remember that you’ll be carrying your pack everywhere, so you don’t want it to be too heavy or imposing on you. Keep it small, within reason, somewhere between 40-60 litres should do fine, but if you can handle more, then that’s also good.

Consider the different sections of your backpack, most useful packs will have a number of external big pockets. Consider them as drawers, where you can stuff bits like underwear and little tech you might want to bring.

Written by

Ella Woodward

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