Playing Poker at Harrah’s Cherokee Resort

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04 June, 2021 By Patrick Hughes

When traveling through the Blue Ridge region, most of the relevant attractions and activities are outdoors. There are a number of breathtaking hikes and overlooks, countless intriguing climbs and campsites, and even some hidden-away historical attractions and swimming holes, all in the great outdoors. And more broadly, the Blue Ridge Parkway is regarded as one of the most beautiful places to see in all of the United States.

As much as nature serves as the main draw though, there’s also something to be said for enjoying some of the more traditional recreation and relaxation in the area. And along these lines, many consider it a treat to visit Harrah’s Cherokee Resort while in the Blue Ridge area. Sure, this is a far cry from camping and hiking through some of the country’s most stunning natural scenery. But Harrah’s is among the most impressive casino resorts in the Southeast, and it sits just at the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park — which means it actually offers a great opportunity to break up a more outdoors-y trip with aa bit of luxury.

You might expect a range of things to do at a full-fledged casino resort, and Harrah’s for the most part obliges. There are places to shop and multiple pools. There is an in-house spa and a newly renovated golf course. All of these things can certainly enhance your visit and provide you with a bit of indulgence on your Blue Ridge adventure. As with most casinos though, the main focus at Harrah’s is the gaming area. The resort’s casino consists of all of the usual games, including slots, roulette, blackjack, craps, and more. But the thing a lot of people are really looking forward to when visiting a real casino is the poker experience — which is why we want to offer a few words on how to go about playing poker at Harrah’s Cherokee Resort.

First and foremost, you should know what to expect in the Harrah’s poker room, because these portions of in-person casinos tend to vary quite a bit from one venue to the next. At this particular resort, poker really is something of a main feature though. There is a sprawling, spacious, but classy poker room featuring 25 tables that are open from 11am through the evening to 6am every night. Limits and game style vary from table to table, but the number of tables available means you’re likely to find what you want — whether you’re a beginner or an expert. For those who may be so inclined, meanwhile, there are also tournaments held Monday through Thursday in the evenings (with $140 entries).

Understanding the casino’s poker scene, you should also take the time to prepare yourself, unless you’re already a seasoned player. It’s never a bad idea to review a beginner’s guide to the rules of poker, because you want to be sharp when you sit down at a real gaming table in a real casino. On an app or web platform (where most play their poker these days) it can be easy enough to take your time, assess a situation, or even look up a term or rule you may have forgotten. But in person, you’ll need to recall these things as you go in order to keep up with other live players. Harrah’s does not present a particularly high-pressure environment compared to most casinos, so this is not to say you can’t enjoy yourself as a beginner. But it’s still wise to study up a little bit before going!

Lastly, we’d also recommend taking a look at the video poker options within the Harrah’s casino. In addition to the 25 real tables, this venue packs in a range of video poker machines that can feel a little bit more accessible to some guests. These machines make it easier to experiment with different varieties of poker, and if nothing else can serve as enjoyable warm-ups for the real thing.

All in all, poker at Harrah’s makes for a great time, and a fun opportunity to enjoy yourself during a brief break from the surrounding nature. We simply recommend you take a thorough approach, remember to game responsibly, and have some fun!

And maybe enjoy an excellent meal at one of the upscale Harrah’s restaurants with your winnings.

Written by

Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes is a gamer and blogger. He plays everything from casino games to video games (and sometimes even board games). The only thing he likes more than playing is helping others learn how to play his favorite games.

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