Sumptuous Dinner at Newman’s in Saluda, NC

Newman's Restaurant at the Orchard Inn, Saluda, NC
We were delighted with our dinner at Newman’s Restaurant in the gracious Orchard Inn, outside the quaint town of Saluda, NC. This was our second visit in the last few weeks…

Orchard Inn Has Several Gathering Area and a Large Cozy Fireplace

We enjoyed hors d’oeuvres with a glass of wine by the warm and cozy fireplace…

Glasses of wine near the cozy fireplace at Newman's Restaurant in Saluda, NC.

Here’s another photo of the massive stone fireplace at Newman’s Restaurant…

Big stone fireplace at Newmans' Restaurant in Saluda, NC.

After hors d’oeuvres we were escorted to our table with a great view of the mountains…

Table for two with a view, at Newman's Restaurant in Saluda, NC.

The table setting was elegant and romantic…

Everything in its place at Newman's Restaurant in Saluda, NC.

The atmosphere and service at Newman’s are spectacular. But the highlight of our visits were the meals. The innkeepers are also chefs and they have extensive backgrounds in preparing gourmet meals for guests. (Read their story here.) As a result, their guests come back to Newman’s (and the Orchard Inn) repeatedly to enjoy some of the best food in all of Western North Carolina. Both of our meals started with butternut squash soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and Austrian pumpkin seed oil, and a fresh salad of organic greens, cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm, roasted sunflower seeds, and home made house dressing. Excellent…

Soup and Salad at Newman's Restaurant in Saluda, NC.

For entrées one of us had crispy duck that was moist and savory…

Crispy Duck at Newman's in Saluda, NC.

…and Angus beef tenderloin with caramelized onions, vegetables and roasted potatoes…

Angus Beef Tenderloin at Newman's Restaurant in Saluda, NC.

We tasted each others entrées, and we couldn’t decide who had the best one. They were both spectacular. For dessert, one of us had forest berry pie with vanilla ice cream, and the other had chocolate decadence pie (with Grand Marnier). They were both indescribably delicious…

Dessert at Newman's Restaurant at the Orchard Inn in Saluda, NC.

A couple of weeks ago at Newman’s we celebrated our anniversary (for the second time) with another couple. The chef got wind of it and ta-DA… our apple cobbler dessert arrived as a sweet greeting card!

Anniversary Apple Cobbler at Newman's in Saluda, NC.

Now we have to go back for brunch. It’s served to both guests and anyone who makes a reservation. I understand it’s the one of the best in Western North Carolina. (Can’t wait!)

If you’re looking for a perfect dining experience for most any occasion, make a reservation at Newman’s. You’ll love the view, the hospitality, and the food. Take a look at the dinner menu here. For reservations and other information visit the Orchard Inn website here.

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The Gorge Ziplines in Saluda are Super Fast!

Super-Fast Zip Lines at The Gorge in Saluda, NC

As you can tell from the photo above, the angle of the zip lines at The Gorge Ziplines in Saluda, North Carolina makes them fast. Super fast! …and fun! I met two of my sons there and we had a great time. Click here or on the image below to watch a video that our guide took of one of the zip lines on our canopy tour…

The Gorge YouTube Guide's Video

Before we started, our guides at The Gorge filled us in for safety, and told us about the unique braking system on all the zip lines at The Gorge. The brakes do all the hard work for you, stopping you safely, and providing a little extra fun at the end of each zip line.

Guides Give Thorough Pre-flight  Instructions at the Gorge

Another nice feature at The Gorge is how the course starts. You drive up and park at the top of the ridge and check in so you don’t need to be escorted up the mountain in order to zip down. You simply step off the deck and ride 11 super-fast zip lines, and descend over 1,000 feet down to the Green River where a van is waiting to drive you back up.

Launch Deck at The Gorge Ziplines

Everything at The Gorge is safe, but that doesn’t take away the thrills. For me, one of the most exciting parts of the tour was the Suspension Bridge. It never stops moving under your feet, so it’s fun and scary at the same time. These two guys were behind me on the bridge, doing all they could to scare their old man…

Jokers On The Suspension Bridge At The Gorge

It didn’t work, of course. I was fearless all the way. (Ha!) They continued to cut up and act like kids for the whole three hours until we completed the course. Here’s one goofing off on the rappel…

Rappels at The Gorge in Saluda, NC

And they pulled the old one-handed “I’m-not-scared” act (yeah, sure you’re not)…

Monkeys on The Gorge Zip Lines in Saluda, NC

How’s the saying go? “Time sure flies when you’re having fun…” We were having a blast, because the three hour tour seemed like 15 minutes! There’s not a single moment of boredom at The Gorge, because the action never stops.

Hanging Out on a Platform at The Gorge Ziplines

Our guides were incredibly helpful, providing advice and information on every platform, eliminating any fears or apprehension. One of our guide’s name was Joshua, so I asked him if he had ever heard the often-quoted verse Joshua 1:9 from the Bible. He hadn’t, so I recited it for him… memorizing and remembering that verse has helped me in some difficult situations over the years.

The Gorge Introductory YouTube Video

Click here or on the YouTube image above for a great introduction to The Gorge Ziplines by Sara Bell, CEO at The Gorge. Sara does an excellent job of describing some of the fun and excitement. The team at The Gorge do an incredible job, and we highly recommend it. For additional information visit The Gorge website here.


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