Leaves are Reaching Peak Color for Fall 2015

2015 Fall Car Club Ride to Highlands, NC

We took a ride this weekend to Highlands, North Carolina, for the monthly outing of our community’s sports car club. It’s about an hour and a half trip, with lots of twists and turns, and beautiful fall leaves at their peak. The scenery was spectacular.

Sunrise Sun Beams, Fall, 2015-Leaves-Peaking

When we woke up and looked out our front window we were greeted with an amazing display of sunbeams and color. Our smart phone cameras couldn’t do it justice, of course. Then we met near the entrance to our community to coordinate our ride…

2015 October Carriage Park Sports Car Club

We headed out about 10:00 am and arrived just in time for an early lunch at Wild Thyme on Main Street in Highlands…

Downtown Highlands, NC, Fall 2015

We enjoyed our lunch at Wild Thyme, thanks to great friends, good food and terrific service. Our waitress treated us exceptionally well, despite the large number of guests with lots of special requests. If you haven’t taken the time to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage in the Blue Ridge Mountains, try to do it this week. The leaves are gorgeous! Here’s what they look like today from my driveway…

Oct. 26, 2015 Fall Leaf Color


Bruce Siulinski’s Through the Tunnels

Joan VanOrman’s Image of the Week is entitled ‘Through the Tunnels’ by Bruce Siulinski…


Photographer Bruce Siulinski looks forward each year to fall photography on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Recently he enjoyed a visit shooting scenes from the overlooks on a foggy Monday. As the passenger in the car he was looking for opportunities. This idea came to him as he noticed the closeness of the tunnels heading toward Asheville. He likes the presentation of “catching the edge” of one tunnel while shooting the entrance to the next – Ferrin Knob Tunnel #2, Blue Ridge Parkway milepost 401.3.

This image is one he calls a “soft focus”.  Through the years he’s shot many in this style.  In “Through the Tunnels” the soft focus is due partially to camera shake as he was hand holding the camera, and partially to post-processing. “It’s interesting for the first tunnel to frame the second. Plus, with the fall colors, the subject pops more – both the shape and the color surrounding the tunnel contribute to its compositional elements.”

Along with photography Bruce enjoys outdoor sports and is a long-time fly fisherman, windsurfer, skier and kayaker. These outdoor experiences shape his photography and often provide the creative ideas behind his work. In addition to the Parkway, other favorite shooting locations locally are the Davidson River – “terrific”– and the DuPont Forest.

Bruce was a founding photographer at Bluewood Gallery in Brevard, has exhibited at Biltmore House in Asheville, Gallery 86 in Waynesville, Transylvania Community Arts Council and other locations in both North Carolina and Texas. Bruce is proud to have published images in the Blue Ridge Travel Guide, Our State magazine, The Laurel of Asheville, North Carolina Wildlife, Carolina Nature Photographers Camera in the Wild, Carolina Home & Garden and other publications. These have been both editorial and commercial images. He offers a large selection of fine art photography images and he exhibits his work often in venues throughout Western North Carolina.  Through December 31 of his images are on exhibit at the Brevard/Transylvania Visitor Center.

To see more of his work visit the Bruce Siulinski Photography website.

Joan VanOrman - Focused Marketing for Photographers

Joan VanOrman
Focused Marketing for Photographers


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Scenery and Serenity on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Here are a few pictures from my Sunday and Monday trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway south of Asheville, NC. As you can see, at lower altitudes the leaves are still beautiful…

As we climbed in altitude, the trees were more bare, but there were still some pretty colors…

Above 4,000 feet the colors changed a bit, but the scenery is still beautiful. And if you travel at a leisurely pace, it can create an amazing sense of peace…

Of course, when you travel with two of your favorite people in the whole world, that can improve your sense of well-being enormously, too. My oldest son and I rode together on Sunday afternoon…

And my beautiful wife was an incredibly patient navigator and companion yesterday…

As we descended yesterday into Waynesville, NC, the leaves started to get colorful again…

It’s nice when the leaves are perfect on the Blue Ridge Parkway. But any time you’re looking for a relaxing get-away to restore your serenity, a leisurely ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway could be the perfect prescription.


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