Black Rose Public House, Hendersonville, NC

Where should you have lunch or dinner on St. Patrick’s Day? An Irish pub, of course. But if you want some great food with your green beer, you’ll need to find one of Hendersonville’s best kept secrets — the Black Rose Public House.

We’ve been blown away every time we eat at Black Rose… they make a terrific Reuben sandwich, some of the best Fish ‘N Chips we’ve ever eaten, and the Black Rose Roast Beef Sandwich is hands-down the best we’ve found in the Blue Ridge Mountains (be sure to get some extra horseradish sauce on the side)…

If you have time, take your friends upstairs and shoot some pool…

The service at Black Rose is also very good. They’re as friendly and fast as leprechauns (but much prettier).

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day! To enjoy it more, take some good friends to the Black Rose Public House and celebrate it in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

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